For the first time ever, we're going to a show!  Yeovil is just down the road from bigigloo HQ and we're excited to be able to sell our things in person. Get your tickets now at

Some of our most popular items now are those with CZ stones.  If you haven't come across CZs, they are man made stones which look a lot like diamonds (and we mean A LOT!).  They are so close to diamonds than to the naked eye, even for many experts, it is impossible to tell the difference.  In fact, one of the dead giveaways can be that whereas only the very best natural diamonds are truly white, CZs achieve this level of perfection.  They're also available in other colours for some really beautiful effects.

So, we get that you may not necessarily want to get a CZ engagement ring but we think it's amazing that you're able to buy jewellery for under £10 with all the sparkle and beauty of a real diamond.  Why not treat yourself to a (nearly) diamond today?

Don't we look lovely?

September 07, 2015


You know when you really want to tell a friend that its...well...time they updated their look?  We came to that very difficult conclusion recently so we decided to update a bit ourselves.

Anyone interested in the details may have already noticed that our site runs on the awesome Shopify platform and we decided to get a new theme and work with it.  We chose one from the amazing and we're made up with the results.  So made up in fact that if you use the voucher code "lookinggood", you'll get 20% off.  Pretty cool, eh?

Ever since we started, out aim was to sell beautiful things at great prices.  One of the results of this was that we have never previously stocked any silver products.  A couple of our beloved customers fed back to us that they would like to see a few silver things on the site and we're excited to say we've got some!  You can find them by choosing solid silver or silver plated from the "things by type" menu at the top of every page.  We'd love to know what you think!!!!!

New products

January 03, 2015


It's a new year and over the last few weeks we've been concentrating on increasing and updating our product range. We haven't finished yet so keep an eye on the site over the next couple of months as we get geared up for 2015!

Ready to go....

September 02, 2013


A few days later than planned, we're finally ready to trade.  We're really excited about that.  What we want to do is thank our first customers with a fantastic discount.  During September, you can use the code "guineapig" to get 20% off anything on the site when you mention your purchase on Twitter or Facebook.  We think our normal prices are great, so hopefully you'll agree that the discount is an amazing opportunity to get early Christmas presents or just treat yourself!


The "guineapig" probably says it all.  You'll be one of our first customers so we're desperate to hear what you've got to say.  if you drop us an email at to tell us what you think of our site, our range, what you've bought from us or anything else (the more honest the better), maybe we can see our way to letting you have another offer code to help you finish your Christmas shopping!

It's hard for us to describe how excited we are to be here and even more importantly that you are, reading this!


We saw an opportunity to let you buy jewellery you'll love at prices far lower than you're used to paying. 


Above all, it's what you think that matters.  Tell us what we're doing right and what you'd like to see us change.  We're listening.  Leave a comment here, or better still, share it on Twitter or Facebook .