The magic of cubic zirconia (CZ).

April 21, 2016

Some of our most popular items now are those with CZ stones.  If you haven't come across CZs, they are man made stones which look a lot like diamonds (and we mean A LOT!).  They are so close to diamonds than to the naked eye, even for many experts, it is impossible to tell the difference.  In fact, one of the dead giveaways can be that whereas only the very best natural diamonds are truly white, CZs achieve this level of perfection.  They're also available in other colours for some really beautiful effects.

So, we get that you may not necessarily want to get a CZ engagement ring but we think it's amazing that you're able to buy jewellery for under £10 with all the sparkle and beauty of a real diamond.  Why not treat yourself to a (nearly) diamond today?

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