Sometimes it can be hard to get a clear idea of sizes from a photo, particularly with earrings so we've introduced the revolutionary bigigloo SIZENATOR©.  This uses the universal measure of fruit to tell you whether those earrings you're eyeing up are something the queen would choose, or whether they're a bit more Pat Butcher.

Here we go:

SIZENATOR© size 1. The blackcurrant or even smaller.  These are mainly studs and are pretty dainty.

SIZENATOR© size 2. The raspberry.  A bit bigger.  Larger studs and smaller drop earrings.

SIZENATOR© size 3.  The grape.  We're getting there now.  Not huge but a bit of an impact.

SIZENATOR© size 4. The strawberry.  Quite bold stuff.  You'll get noticed.

SIZENATOR© size 5. The satsuma.  People will see you coming.  Expect to have conversations about what's hanging from your ears.


For rings, some non-adjustable rings do come in different sizes.  By all means send us a UK or US ring size that you would ideally like or even measure your finger with some thread and tell us the length.  We'll do our best!