925 Solid Silver 6mm Heart Stud Earrings With Tiny Genuine (Lab Grown) Rubies, S

These beautiful little hearts have tiny incredible genuine gemstone hearts of their own and they want to show them off!  They look gorgeous with any outfit but may choose them for a special night out?

About Lab Grown Rubies And Sapphires

Rubies and sapphires are part of the same family of stones and are, of course, prized for their incredible beauty and colour.  They occur in nature when heat and pressure are applied to rocks in the earth and their colour is taken from other mineral deposits.

For many years it has been possible to grow these gemstones in lab conditions but recent advances have made it far less expensive to do so.

We can now offer these incredible jewels at a price which makes it possible for you to wear them every day.

They are 100% chemically identical to natural stones although in fact, lab conditions mean they have far fewer imperfections and more perfect colouring.  They also have a fraction of the carbon footprint of a natural stone and are produced in countries without the human rights abuses of many of the main producers of natural gems such as Myanmar.

Make no mistake, these are the real thing!