Findings Kit. App. 1700 Items. Stringing, Jump Rings, Crimps, Clasps

Whether you're a seasoned pro jewellery maker or a starter, there will always be room in your life for this generously comprehensive kit in a handy organizer box.  Everything is great quality and nickel free.

In total you get (approximately):

70 x 3cm headpins.

40 x 18mm earring hooks.

30 x 12mm lobster claw clasps

30 x 7 mm tibetan style space beads with 3mm hole

500 x tube crimps with 1mm hole

500 x barrel (round) crimps with 1.2mm hole

50 x easy fit coil cord ends with 2mm hole

100 x 4mm crimp covers

400 5mm open jump rings

On top of that you also get:

10m x 0.38mm steel tiger tail stringing wire

10m x 0.7mm stretch elastic single fibre cord


1m x 2mm black cowhide cord (can be removed on request)


Phew!! That's a lot of bits and pieces for a great price!