Gemstone Round Beads. Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Blue Goldstone, Hematite. 6,8,10 mm

Add the beauty of natural gemstones to your work with these stunning beads.  You have the choice of:

-Gorgeous semi-clear mid purple amethyst.

-Perfect pink rose quartz.

-Stunning sparkly and glittery blue goldstone. (if you haven't seen this before, you really should!)

-Shiny heavy and amazing non-magnetic synthetic hematite.

These beads come in three size choices of approx 39cm strands.  Remember that the measurement of the beads is edge to edge of a circle, so they can appear smaller than you would expect (this is true for all round beads, not just ours!).  Also, please note that "strand" is a standard measure and sometimes your beads may come loose in a bag or even on two half strands!

You can choose from:

-Approx 63 6mm Beads

-Approx 46 8mm Beads

-Approx 37 10mm Beads.

Note that you may receive more than this but we work on the worst case scenario in case there is the odd faulty, broken or missing bead on your strand.